Identification resources

A range of information that may be of assistance in helping to identify your moths.

There are excellent resources available both online and in recent field guides (several now also available as apps for certain devices)

Ian Kimber's excellent UK moths site

Mike Wall's Hantsmoths site - another excellent site; great for highlighting potential confusion species

Lepiforum - in German (but various browsers will translate).  An indispensable site; often has the widest coverage of variation within each species, all you need is the scientific name.  The 'photo overviews' of families are also very helpful.

A guide to the Scopariinae. - a group of micro moths that can be tricky and need careful inspection

Pugs..enough said (an excellent guide from Lancs Moths) - much of the identification info is of course equally applicable to Kent

Guide to the Crambinae (Grass moths) from Berkshire Moths - an excellent guide to a number of species that will occur in traps in the garden and out in the field

British Leafminers - superb site for help with identifying the leaf mines of many micro moths (and more)

UK Fly mines - another indispensable site for those interested in leaf mines

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