Thursday, 11 February 2016

New County Moth Recorder for West Kent

After much deliberation and discussion, I finally took the plunge and stepped forward to take on the CMR role for VC16, West Kent.  This has now been confirmed by Butterfly Conservation. My name is Dave Shenton and I am a very active moth recorder in Kent with a special interest in micro moths, particularly leaf miners and other early stages.

Please get in touch with any comments or suggestions or if you would like to 'join' the site to add your sightings and other information: the more the merrier.

I am pleased to confirm that Rae Edwards is also part of the 'team' and will be managing data collection and incorporation into the central MapMate hub.

With the Atlas of Britain and Ireland's Larger Moths due to be published in 2018 and the forthcoming addition of micro moth records to the National Moth Recording System (NMRS) it is vital that all our efforts in moth recording in West Kent and Kent as a whole, are represented.

We need your records as this is the official route by which they can be verified and submitted to Butterfly Conservation and the NMRS, so please get in touch.

Please submit your moth records from 2015 to us as soon as possible.


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